• Unlimited Colors Support

    You can set unlimited colors for the template. You have to choose one color and all other colors on the template will adapt. We already choose a couple of colors for you which they're included in the presets that we've made for quick use.
  • RokSprocket: Ultimate Content Control

    RokSprocket is a powerful content module, that allows you to deliver your content in multiple fashions from a single platform. RokSprocket has varying layout modes, such as Tabs and Mosaic, with mode specific options.
  • Multiple Extensions Support

    Kallos supports the most popular extensions that exist to this date in the Joomla extensions directory. If you like in the future to support more extensions in our templates please drop us a line on the forums. If we get enough requests we will add the feature to our templates.
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For Showcase Mode the following animations are supported:

  • Crossfade Animation


  • Top to Bottom Animation

    Topto Bottom

  • Right to Left Animation

    Rightto Left

  • Bottom to Top Animation

    Bottomto Top

  • Left to Right Animation

    Leftto Right

  • Top-Right to Bottom-Left Animation

    Top-Rightto Bottom-Left

  • Top-Left to Bottom-Right Animation

    Top-Leftto Bottom-Right

  • Bottom-Left to Top-Right Animation

    Bottom-Leftto Top-Right

  • Bottom-Right to Top-Left Animation

    Bottom-Rightto Top-Left

+ Randomize Animation which will mix all modes from above.

All animations supports Autoplay feature ON or OFF.